Gaming Show

 The girls are busy this morning, grooming Sandy and Liberty for a gaming show.  Lindsay and Rachel did this show in the fall with Sandy and it was such a wonderful day.  Very relaxed and fun.

 The quality of the photos is not great, but you can see their excitement.

Sandy doesn't look too excited though, now does she?  She has been washed and is waiting for me to come French Braid her mane.  I knew that God had a reason for giving me four daughters - to practice on them so I can braid horse manes!  

Gotta ahead today.  I'll try to get better photos of the day - I'll use Lindsay's camera!


  1. Can't wait. I'm excited to see Rachel and Liberty together in competition for the first time. Go Sandy and Liberty. !!!!

  2. Oh I know what we will hear about tomorrow! Can't wait!!!

  3. this *is* neato exciting. :o)
    beautiful animals and so shiny are their coats. lovely daughters happily caring for said animals. :o)

  4. Oh how fun! The horses looks so sleek and shiny. (o:

  5. They do look animated and excited. Should prove to be a good and happy day for all, even Sandy. What gal doesn't enjoy getting all spiffed up?


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