Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Cheer

www.allposters.com - George S. Knowles - Christmas Cheer

I have done very little Christmas shopping and am not nearly ready for Tim's birthday Christmas Eve or Christmas or Lindsay's birthday January 1st and our 22nd wedding anniversary January 2nd!

But I am not worried - I find that I am full of the Christmas spirit. I have been focusing on Christ this Christmas - specifically His Coming...

Love was when
God became a man
Locked in time and space
Without rank or place

Love was God born
of Jewish kin
Just a carpenter
with some fishermen

Love was when
Jesus walked in history
Lovingly He brought
A new life that's free

Love was God
Nailed to bleed and die
To reach
And love one such as I
John E. Walvoord and Don Wrytzen

When I was younger, I sang in our church choir - we learned this song as part of a musical...it has stuck with me all these years.

Tonight is a cozy night in...the older girls are headed out to our friends home for a few hours. Then they'll be home.

Yesterday was filled with breakfast out with my husband ( a rare treat!), a stop at the hardware store for stain and polyurethane to finish the fabulous table my husband built! Then I needed to head out to give a ride to my son and his girlfriend to their prenatal appointment. They were so happy to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time...back to our house for a little bit, then off again to take them home nearly an hour away. Home again briefly and then off to a meeting.

I am really looking forward to being home tonight and enjoying the tree and my family - not necessarily in that order, of course!

In fact to let you in on a secret, right now it is 6:30 pm and the kids and I are in pjs and Rachel, Kyle and I piled into my bed!

I am going to have a great evening - how about you?


  1. Sounds like a great evening -- nothing better than being cozy with the family at home. Enjoy!

  2. I'm headed out to get groceries. The family and friends have eaten and the girls are playing in Chelsea's room while the guys are downstairs with the games, I guess.

    I love grocery shopping so this is not a chore.

    Becky K.

  3. For us, Ryan is tutoring a student but will be home soon and we will cozy together on the couch and watch Charlie Brown Christmas together!!

  4. I love this post...keeping it real...and this season in perspective...and just Jesus shining out of you for all of us to read...now that is what it is all about

  5. That song brings back so many wonderful memories. It is one of my favorites. I can hear it in my head as I write. Thanks for reminding me of this great song.


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