The Peyton Randolph House

Peyton Randolph was a very wealthy man by colonial standards. Most people could live comfortably on 40 pounds a year. He had 500 pounds a year! He came from a long line of lawyers for kings. He also seemed to be the kind of man who was a leader. He served in the House of Burgesses and served as President of the Continental Congress several times.

He and his wife adopted a niece of theirs who had been orphaned, and had each of their nephews stay with them often when they were studying at the College of William and Mary.

This is their home.

This is the room their nephews stayed in. His nephew was named Harrison Randolph. Her nephews' name was Randolph Harrison. ( His wife was a Harrison)

This was their nieces' bedroom. On her bed is an English guitar.

This is the bed of Peyton and his wife.

This is their dining room. The mirror on the wall is original. There are four of them in the room.
This house is accurately furnished as they have records of furniture and other belongings such as horses, carriages, slaves...


  1. I think I like the bedrooms the best in your tour!!! Did you take any of you and Tim????


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