Monday, June 9, 2008

Lots of Snuggling!

Last evening, Kyle and Sarah were watching a "kid" movie on my bed. During a "scary" part in "Fievel Goes West", he turned to Sarah so he could hide his face. Having had no real nap for the second day in a row, he promptly fell asleep! There is such comfort in a loving sister's arms! She of course was so delighted that I just had to snap a photo.

A little while later our cat Mr. Knightly was finding some snuggle comfort in the arms of our black lab, Sadie.

What a peaceful evening at our cottage.


  1. Is that dog from your litter of puppies?? Wow they grow fast!

    Yesterday Robert fell asleep in our pool on a raft, snoring!!! He got burned because I left him there! (I didn't think he would sleep that long)

  2. Both of these pictures are just too cute.....and sweet.

  3. Oh the sweetness of this all. :o)

    Last night Lizzie got home from work (9 hour day in the sun) and sat on the couch with me. Within minutes she was sound asleep with her head on my shoulder. What a delight!

  4. I just love when that happens, Jane! My little guy will come and say "can I have you?". My little girls will say "I want you" to communicate that they are looking for some "mom" time! sigh...I am a blessed woman!

  5. What sweet little ones! Such precious times and moments. I am so glad you got a picture of the two of them!


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