Birthday Ball

After two other events in the month of December, namely the Ladies Tea and the church Christmas dinner, I had one more to pull off last night.

 My firstborn daughter was turning 21on New Year's Day, and the girls and I decided on an English Country Dance to celebrate.  Having outgrown the possibility to have it at our home, we were able to use our church as a venue.

 The invitations went out, some by word of mouth, and so many family friends chose to join us to celebrate Lindsay and to Ring in the New Year!

Oh, what fun we had!  I am telling you we have the best family and friends!  The young adults and kids and some of the adults all came ready to dance and it was great!

Of course, because I am the dance caller, and Lindsay is our photographer, we have no photos of the dancing.  I will ask around and see if anyone has any they will share.  I know there was video being recorded - we have taken a fun dance called "Ship's Cook" and made it our own!  Love it!

The following photos are of the people arriving and visiting for a while before the dancing began.  
 Ben, home from Bible college.  We've missed his fun sense of humor and great violin skills!

 My Mom and our friend Bee.  They laugh a lot when they are together!

 I love these ladies, and that wee man.  Becky posted today about the Ball on her blog, Hospitality Lane. 
They were just going to come for a little while...they stayed and Becky and our friends Kelly, Sue and some of the young men did quite a chorus line to New York, New York after the ball dropped!  

 Isn't Chelsea stunning?  She really, is a beauty.

 Another beauty....

 More and more beauty...

Beauty inside and out...

This photo was taken on Christmas Eve when she got her wee birthday crown.  She wore it last night until it broke....

Happy birthday to my precious thankful for you.  May the Lord continue to be the center of your life, and shine His light where ever you go.

 This is the ring that Tim bought for Lindsay...


  1. Chelsea and I agreed that this was the most fun New Year's Eve we have had in a long time.

    Lots of laughter and great friends.

    Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful birthday party! Your family is beautiful, Deanna.

    I'd love to attend a Country English Dance party - if I could learn the dances!

    Happy New Year!

  3. A very Happy Birthday to Lindsay, and what a lovely celebration! The ring is beautiful , too!
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh such a lovely evening for you all. Lindsay will not soon forget this birthday! The girls all look so pretty dressed up. The smiles are awesome. The ring is a beautiful and meaningful gift. Did you bake that gorgeous cake?

  5. So much fun! Chelsea is a beauty and so are the other girlies! PRETTY ring on that Birthday Girl's finger! I bet she was so happy! What a fun party to celebrate the New Year and a Birthday! HUGS!

  6. So wish we could have joined you! The girls look beautiful...and the happy smiles of all your guests indicate a great time! What a lovely way to celebrate Lindsay's 21st birthday!

  7. This had to be sooo much fun and such an amazing memory-making time for Lindsay and your friends and family! Thanks for sharing it with all of us! Your family is precious!


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