Thursday, March 12, 2015

Polish Pottery

We are big pottery fans here at the cottage.  We love buying handmade pieces.  We have a pottery in our area that we really love.  It's just that we found that, too often, they broke easily.  We just couldn't keep paying to replace them.

One day I was shopping at my local Christmas Tree Shops and found that they carry Polish Pottery.  It's beautiful and it is made in Poland - they come with official stickers.  The colors and patterns are so pretty and at CTS the mugs are only $5.99.  Amazing.

I love the cobalt blue on these.  

As my friend jAne says, 

"Life's too short to drink from an ugly cup!"

I could me becoming a collector of these pieces.  What about you?  Do you like Polish Pottery?  Do you collect dishes?  What do you collect?


  1. Beautiful cups! I love the blue:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Amen to that! I prefer a comfortable cup over beauty, but why not both?!

  3. My sister collects Polish pottery, and I bought a piece for her at CTS when we were in Lancaster last fall. The price is fabulous!

    I agree with jAne! :D

  4. Blue and white pottery of any sort is my favorite. And I agree with drinking from a pretty cup or mug! Makes anything taste better.

  5. I think you know I am a dish addict and blue and white are my favorite in dishes and pottery … I reveled in the pottery when I was in Romania and Hungary and brought some home. Turkey held a whole new level of beautiful pottery, but my cupboards are full so none came home with me. Your pottery is beautiful and I agree a beautiful cup/mug (but also comfortable, Vee) does enhance the hot drink experience!

  6. I have three ornaments that look like wrapped candy with these designs and a pie bird. Love these.

    1. Your pie bird sounds cute! I love these too! Thanks for your visit and comment!


  7. Love the pottery, as well as the quote from jAne. Such a nice price, too, makes it much less painful to lose one to breakage.


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