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I've been the main mower of our property for most of the years we've lived here, though Nate mowed for several years, too.

I've always enjoyed this time.  I put in my ear buds and choose some music or a podcast to listen to.  It takes about 90 minutes to mow the almost two acres of the 4 acres that we live on.  When it summer I do this twice a week!  When the kids were all younger, this was valuable time to think my own thoughts and listen to encouraging things for me!  It was my 'me' time.

This year Kyle will be learning to mow.  He knows how to drive the mower, but he'll learn how to go about mowing the property so that he doesn't miss any spots, and it all looks neat.

Since we live in the country, though in a neighborhood of houses that have at least an acre of land, our 'lawn' is not all grass.  It has dandelions, wild violets, plantain and other green growing things.  It's all okay.  It looks beautiful when it's mowed!

I start mowing here in front of the house.  That way if I get interrupted and can't finish all the mowing, The front of the house looks nice.  If I don't get interrupted I mow to just beyond the green boxes on the left down there and then back along the tree line that is the dividing property line.
The propane tank is ours and our veggie garden is down there.

 This is when I was mowing on Thursday late afternoon.  It was a beautiful but chilly day, so I had a light jacket on.  In the summer, this is when I get my tan!

 In the above photo, the house would be to the right.  On the left corner is my Cleveland Pear tree.  On the right the two burning bushes we planted when we moved here.  They are at the end of the dog run.  Above the dog run is a shed for garden tools and bikes.

 There's the propane tank again and to the left you see the back deck. The big trees on the right down at the end are a Red Oak and a Maple tree.  Our creek runs along behind those trees and in front of the red playhouse.  On the right behind the playhouse is our fenced pasture and if you were to look to the right from where I am on the mower you'd see the barn on the other side of the creek, too.

Here's a photo I just took so you can see the barn.  And here is a photo of where I mow along the road you see to the right of the barn.

This is an older photo and the one of the front yard and of the barn were taken today, and the others on Thursday afternoon.

Well, now you've seen the layout of our property.  We may build a pole barn type building in this area on the right in this photo, in a few years.  Tim needs storage space for his business, as you may have noticed the big water tanks in front of the barn.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Happy Saturday!


  1. Oh, my! I marvel at folks like you with so much property to maintain! (Sometimes I feel like our -much smaller- yard is too much! But then, we are a bit older than you all...) At any rate, I just came in from a couple of hours of weeding. It was quite cool this morning, but the kind of weather than "calls" one outside! Thankful for the health and energy to do what needs to be done :) Your place is lovely, by the way!

  2. I loved the tour!! You sure get a good bit of alone time when you do this twice a week!!!
    It is so cool to see the lay of your land! What a beautiful place to live!!!

  3. What a lovely slice of Heaven! :-) I love to see where all of my Blogland friends live, and this was such a beautiful tour. Thanks for your hospitality!

  4. You also have so much work to do when you begin to mow, you have all my understanding, darling Deanna !
    I also I'm so very busy during this period of the year when especially grass grows up so fast !
    Our estate, Tenuta Geremia is more than 2 hectares large, so when I finish I have to begin again, for sure you understand me, because we haven't only that work to do, don't we ?!
    I'm sure you also never stop {{smiles}} !

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, sweetie,
    I'm sending blessings of joy to you


  5. I did enjoy the tour. You have a lovely piece of property! Gotta love riding mowers. Back in the day, my father would mow his one acre property by pushing the mower...it took six long hours. He must have had lots of time to think. We were all more than ready to help when he switched to the tractor. I bought the Haven because it has a postage stamp lawn. My neighbor really prefers to do the mowing because he can make it all seem like one sweep...he really hates it if I mow and he's not ready. He says that I'm making him look bad. The neighbor on the other side will often mow as well, which means that I only have a patch to do on my own. John hates lawns...will not mow and has never put in a lawn at the Ponderosa. I love the expanse of green grass or not. Kyle must be getting excited about doing the mowing this year. Will you miss it?

  6. Just seeing these pics makes me so excited for this summer!! I can't wait to visit!!

  7. I can almost feel the cool, crisp air. Love these beautiful scenes!

  8. I never mowed the lawn (when we had one) but hubby loved doing it for the same reasons as you. He likes the no grass design we have now and gets his fix on a riding lawn mower for an elderly friend with half an acre.

  9. You, Deanna, are one lucky girl to live on that beautiful land! Stunning!!!! Just glorious photos!!!!

  10. We just had to buy a new riding mower after our old one limping along the last two years. Pete is like a kid with a new toy. He loves it. What used to be a chore is now fun. Although he thought it funny that the instructions and warranty warned against modifying the engine. He said they must have all watched Tim Allen's old show, Home Improvement. We still laugh over the way he would "modify" everything to have more power and speed.

  11. I can understand your love of mowing. I am our mower, and enjoy it especially when the grass is lush in the spring and you can see so well where you have mowed. I also enjoy that time to myself. Usually thinking and praying keep the time flying, but lately I've been using my phone to listen to something--

  12. thanks for the great tour of your property


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