City Boys Visit The Country

My great nephews live in the city, in a town in Southern California.  It's all city there.  They are loving their visit here at Creekside Cottage.

 1st cousins, once removed.  Cayden is the oldest son of my oldest nephew Ryan.

 He encountered cousin Sarah the Brave with her sword the first night.

 Shucked sweet corn with cousin Kyle and great-grandma Phyllis

Learned to hold chicks,

Camden and mama Alicia are here too!  Cam was shy at first but he's not anymore.

They are so cute.  The kids are having a great time.  I'll try to get a photo of Camden and Kamryn today.  They are best buds already.  

And yes, we have been calling the kids by all the wrong names - you would too, with their names being Kyle, Cayden, Camden, and Kamryn!

There is more to come - horse back riding, swimming, and tomorrow a visit to Valley Forge!

Happy Friday!


  1. What a treat for the city kids to visit their country cousins!!!! They will long remember this!!!

  2. I love it. Love it. I would say...that would be tricky that is a lot of K and C's. Smiles.

  3. Nothing better than the country!
    Cute kids!

  4. Oh yes, I am chuckling looking at the names. lol So nice to see city youth enjoy what rural life has to offer.

  5. Yes, the names could get confusing. (Reminds me of my kids' house where there is a grand named Sam and a cat named Samantha and a grand named Jake and a beagle named Jack. Your situation is even more confusing than that!)

    Looks as if good times are ongoing...simple good times that teach so much!

  6. Oh love this...summer fun from childhood. This reminded me of helping grandmother with fresh summer vegetables! Lovely Deanna! Have a great week!


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