Friday, June 15, 2018

Friday Five (Birthday Edition)

Today is Kamryn's birthday.  She's eight!  Happy Birthday, Kamryn!

1. Kamryn has always been lively!  You can see it in the twinkle in her eyes!

2. She's definitely a cutie!

3. She enjoys tea time!

4. She's small but has a BIG personality!

5. She's a great big sister!

We are going to celebrate her birthday this evening with an outing to get ice cream, and tomorrow she's having an awesome slip 'n slide water party!

Happy Birthday, sweet Kamryn.  You are LOVED!


  1. She's adorable! And ice cream and a slip n slide party sound like a perfect birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to Kamryn🎈 She can slow down a little. Wasn’t she just seven?

  3. Sounds like great fun (especially if it's as hot there as here)!

  4. Adorable...and boy it flies by doesn't it?

  5. Happy Birthday Kamryn! Hope you have a beautiful day! HUGS!


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