Thursday, March 4, 2010

Laundry and Other Assorted Thoughts...

Today Tim and I headed to check out the dryer he found on Craig's List. It turned out to be a great deal - a used Maytag Neptune that is already LP adapted! Just what we needed, and a fantastic price, too. I believe we were the only ones to inquire about it which is crazy to me. Our electricity in PA has been deregulated and it is now 50% more than last year...since we put propane in when we bought the house - in order to run our heating and air conditioning, it makes sense to find ways to use it to run other things. A few years ago we changed out two electric water heaters for one propane water heater and saw immediate savings. We have had our electric dryer for 14 years and it was used when we bought it. It has served us faithfully and dries a lot of laundry at the same time. This one is large, as well and we hope it will last a long time. The next thing we want to change is our stove. Our stove has been around for as long as the dryer, though it was new when we bought it. I grew up using a gas stove in California, where everyone uses natural gas. I never have liked cooking on an electric stove. The oven is starting to have issues, and we are hoping to find a nice gas stove soon.

I am hoping to have a few laundry lines hung outside this summer...Tim has never liked clothes dried outside - I think because his mom always did it and for some reason everything was itchy and stiff. No one wants their clothes to feel this way, but I think it must have been from soap being left in the clothing and not getting all rinsed out or lack of good air flow to move the clothing around...but I would like to be able to hang towels and sheets and things like that...

Sunday will be busy with church and a fellowship meal. Then everyone will be coming back here for a party for Emily's 16th birthday! It is officially Monday, she shares a birthday with her Aunt Esther, and then on Tuesday she is headed to get her learner's permit for driving... She is pretty excited about it.

If I am not around for a few days it is because I am busy getting things ready for her birthday...I am just a few posts away from hitting 900 posts! I am thinking about what to do to celebrate that here at the blog. I am sure some kind of giveaway is coming....


  1. Congratulations on getting your new dryer, I too like my sheets and towels dried on outside lines, what a great smell.

    Isn't it amazing how much electricity prices have increased lately.

    My husband's mother cooked with gas for many years and enjoyed it so much.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter Emily on her 16th birthday, I remember the excitement of getting my permit to drive.

    Also congratulation on your upcoming 900th post. What a great milestone!
    Have a great week-end.

  2. Yay! I am so glad that worked out!

    I enjoyed your eldest daughters so much last night. They make fun theater pals. See their pics at my place.


  3. Happy Birthday to Emily! And congrats to you as you approach 900 posts-Wow!

    The new dryer sounds like just what you needed. As for line drying making laundry stiff-I have that problem mostly when there isn't a good wind.

    My suggestion: toss them in the dryer for just a few minutes before folding them. Maybe it would allow you to use your clothesline but still have comfy clothes. Without a good wind, there are wrinkles, too, which a few minutes in the dryer should help.

  4. Karen,

    I believe it is because of a lack of wind too, but also his mother likes to use her old wringer washer to wash and rinse, then spins them in the regular washer...I think that the laundry detergent doesn't get rinsed out very well...

    We get very nice breezes it shouldn't be a problem for us! If it is we will use your tip about the dryer!

  5. I wanted to thank you for your caring thoughts on my blog earlier this week :o)

  6. busy busy busy, but all sounds fun and productive!! Great news on a good price!!!

  7. I've been busy reading this week, finishing up two books (I know, I should finish one before I start another). Anyway, I'm just catching up on reading blogs. 900 posts is amazing. I'm glad you found a nice washing machine. I'm still using the gas stove we've had for 21 years. We've had it repaired twice in those years, but there is so little that can go wrong, that I don't want to change it. There's nothing digital! I love that :-)


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