Holidays: How To Have Peace

The last few years I have made a point of not rushing through the Christmas season, of not losing the focus of the Reason for the Season, if you will.

I want to savor this favorite season of mine.  I love to enjoy the lights, the decor that we put up once a year at Christmas.  I like to take time to play the music of Christmas, light candles, bake goodies, buy gifts, make gifts.  I want to be in the moments of this time of year.

I don't want to be stressed out due to a hectic schedule, even last year when we were in the midst of wedding planning I was determined to not MISS Christmas, and I didn't.  We celebrated the season and enjoyed it to it's fullest.  The engagement added joy, not stress, to our holiday season.

I discovered a few years ago that you can set your own pace in this world, you can choose the things you want to participate in and let the rest go.

This year I have only a few things scheduled, one of which, the ladies tea, is already past.  We have some fun things planned - the kids got to go skating last night with friends, we'll go a few times to see the Christmas lights and grab a donut (our tradition).  That's about it.

Oh, we'll bake cookies and do some shopping, some gifts are already purchased.  I am a big believer in buying meaningful gifts, something the person likes, even if the cost is small.  It is the thoughtfulness that is important.  A gift card to a book store, or a mug from a favorite pottery store.  Those are the things that make for a meaningful gift.  We also stopped exchanging gifts with extended family. It was something we all agreed on.  If they will be with us on Christmas Day then we will do a family gift - a new game or a food gift or a gift card.  

I have some handmade gifts finished and a few that need to be finished still.  They'll get done bit by bit.  

We have some favored movies to watch this season and we love to listen to music while we go about our day.

I wish you PEACE this season and JOY!  The world seems so dark right now, but Solomon told us in Ecclesiastes that, "there is nothing new under the sun."  Imagine living under Roman rule, or under communism, or during the Civil War, it was so dark and yet, as always a light shines.  The Light of the World.

There is a song we like to listen to - the lyrics are Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day."

This song reminds me of the Hope we have, "God is not dead, nor doth He sleep."

I hope this is a meaningful season for you.  Choose to focus on the Peace, Joy and Hope that His Coming brought.  That is what we are celebrating this season, and Oh, how we need it!


  1. Yes, indeed! I think there are many this year who are easing into Christmas, focusing on the birth of Christ and the simple gifts of the season.

  2. I LOVE this post! It expresses what Christmas is all about, and the accompanying photos are so warm and inviting. Your blog is so pretty!!

  3. Meaningful to me! I enjoy Christmas SO much more when I spend the days right after Thanksgiving getting ready for Christmas! Then... I visit, shop a little, visit family and enjoy the sights and sounds of the Christmas Season! Jesus is the reason and I am thankful to know him and believe in his birth! Have a blessed day and thanks for this sweet post! HUGS!

  4. I'm glad I came by to hear a new rendition of an old favorite Christmas song. I'll have to look for the music. Wonderful post .

  5. It seems that these thoughts are on many hearts this week...this idea of focusing on the Lord Himself and not on all of the to-do that surrounds us.

    I like your phrase about setting your own pace. That is key. And to do that we must make conscious choices.

  6. A very good word... Oh how we need Him.

  7. Yes! Learning not to take my "Christmas cues" from blogland or what others are doing - not comparing/competing.....Refusing to try to do it all. Resting in the Lord; letting Him set the pace...

    Your choices sound beautifully sane and significant. Enjoy!


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