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I just started a book by Kathleen Morgan called, "A Fire Within."  It takes place in one of the Clan Campbell castles called Kilchurn.

Imagine my surprise today when looking on "The Queen's English" Facebook page and finding this gorgeous photo of Kilchurn Castle.  It's considered a ruin now but it is open to the public.

I am a huge history lover, and so I love historical fiction.  Real people and events along with fictional characters make history come alive.

I've read several other books by Kathleen Morgan, all set in Scotland.  This current read starts in May 1568.

Do you like to read historical fiction?  Who are some of your favorite authors?  Favorite books?


  1. What an idyllic location in the photo. I like historical fiction too. Phillipa Gregory writes excellent books and I like her Tudor period books. C.J. Sansom has a very well researched mystery series set in Tudor England.

  2. Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I should make a note of this title.

  3. My favorite time to study history is 18th Century America but I love to read stories about England in the 19th Century through WWII.

  4. The photo of that castle is just lovely! I love historical fiction! Especially the writings of Francine Rivers. She really brings the customs and culture surrounding her characters to life. I had not heard of Kathleen Morgan till now. I will be on the look out for her work at my local thrift store. Thanks and God bless you, Jeannette

  5. I love Lynn Austin's historical fiction! Although I am typically not a fan of Biblical historical fiction, I do love hers. Her Chronicles of the Kings series are some of my favorites. I couldn't put them down. She has also written several set during the Civil War. Oh, and Wings of Refuge actually follows three different time periods and is set in Israel. Good stuff!

  6. I love Susannah Kearsley! - I just finished The Shadowy Horses and loved it.

  7. I love historical fiction. My favorite author is Michael Phillips. Not only is he a great writer, but he makes you think about things, especially theology, in new ways.


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