Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Right now it is 9 degrees out and with the windchill it is -8 degrees.  I know that cold is relative to the one experiencing it.  I saw a FB friend who lives in the South mentioning how cold it was the other day - it was 41 degrees!  I know its a lot colder there now!  Winter has definitely arrived!

This is my view this morning.  I have my chair turned to the window with my feet by the heater vent!  My warmth is being offset by the draft from this old bay window!  This is on our list to be replaced!

I am happy to stay indoors and work on de-cluttering, and taking the Christmas decor down.  It's happening bit by bit.

 I'm having trouble parting with my lovely tree.  It is in such good shape still and smells so good!  I took all the ornaments and ribbons off on Tuesday but I am still enjoying the tree with just the lights for a few more days.  It will probably go out to the pasture on Saturday.

This little tree with my silver is still making me happy, so I'll keep it up for a while.  The other garlands will probably go back to storage though.  Bit by bit, it will all come down, and I'll be ready for the freshness of change.

The poinsettia is doing well.  Getting lots of light from our sliding doors.  This poor thing has no idea how cold it is outside!

We will finish our schoolwork this morning, and then since we can't go outside, I have declared a movie marathon for this afternoon.  Gotta keep the restless natives happy! (including Mama!)

What about you?  What's the temperature where you are?


  1. It was -16 this morning. I don't know what it is now.

    I cleared the house yesterday of Christmas. It just made me sad and I am really sad looking at the bedroom where it all sits still looking at me. I did put up a wee winter tree to get us through this month and next. It is so cheering and makes me grin. Anything that brings a grin these days is a bonus.

    Enjoy your movie marathon!

  2. The temperature here is bone-chillingly cold! (How's that for scientific exactitude?) ;)

    Enjoy your movie marathon! We are hanging out near the woodstove...and the television is in another room, so no movie marathons for us. Maybe a game for after school hours...or maybe we'll cook something...

  3. supposed to be 58 today .. tshirt weather. ;)
    all our christmas things are down and packed away. i went through 4 bins of christmas decor and decided to give it away, keeping the sentimental bits of course, reminding us of what once was. we have one christmas bin. one. that's it. okay, so it's a good size bin but still, one. :) a very good thing. stay cozy warm and watch movies that hug your heart.

  4. -2 degrees here (according to my cell phone)! Sitting under afghanS - trying to avoid the drafts, too. I have the rest of my book to read but keep getting distracted by technology. (I really need to get a grip on this habit!) I understand your reluctance to get rid of the tree. Enjoy the movies this afternoon. ♥

  5. Your photos are lovely. We're up to a balmy sixteen in New York City and I'm enjoying coffee, decluttering and blog visits. I've got a stew on the stove and so glad I have nowhere to go. Keep cozy!

  6. Hello! I love visiting your pages. Your photos are so sweet and homey. Here in Western Wisconsin it was -3 when I came into work at 6:30 AM with a windchill of -20. It has warmed up to 8 now but it has started snowing. If it's not one it's the other! :) Welcome to Winter I guess.

  7. It was 8 here this morning and my son has to put a heater on his pipes even though he followed proper precautions. It was all about the wind chill. I still like a snap of cold weather now and then as it reminds me of growing up where it was cold. And I know ours will never stay around long. A movie marathon sounds cozy on a day like today.

  8. In sunny Florida ,at my house it was 24 this morning when I ventured out to take Granddaughter to school it warmed up to near 40, a very cold day for us, we are also having a movie day!

  9. 66 today and 80's earlier in the week! I don't like warm winters!!

  10. It's -2 F. right now and we got a good snow yesterday. I need to finish taking down Christmas decorations. I did some of the job yesterday. I do hate putting them away. Stay warm. I'd be happy to put up with Miss Paula's warm winter for a week or so. Lol

  11. Hi Deanna! I would leave your tree up and enoy it a little bit longer..if it still looks lovely and smells delicious....why not? I can imagine that pine and fresh balsam all the way to Texas. We have 17 degrees this AM! Your silver is just gorgeous by the lights! Lovely post of winter at your home!


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