Saturday, March 14, 2015

Rainy Saturday

It started raining last evening, and had continued this morning.  It looks as if it has stopped for the moment.

It's the perfect day for doing some spring cleaning in the kitchen.  For me today, this means clearing the counters off and thoroughly washing the countertops and wiping everything down.  Then the fun of arranging them - will they go back in the spots that they've been in or will we put them somewhere else?  I like to try new things, so I think we'll be changing it up in the kitchen!

Rachel is making bread for communion tomorrow, and I am repotting my Mother Fern.  Tim and Kyle are off buying some tools that time will need for his job.

I'm going to be putting an apron on as soon as I am done with this post.  I'll turn on my bluetooth speaker and play some good music while we get busy in the kitchen.

Later we are going to see Cinderella.  

What are you up to today?


  1. I am getting a slow start to my day...and I am really happy about that! I'm afraid I am going jeans shopping this afternoon, although there are about a thousand things I'd rather do. Then I'll slowly cook the corned beef for tomorrow's Irish dinner when I get back home.

    Let us know how you like Cinderella! The girls and I want to go if we can work around Kati's work and class schedule...

  2. It sounds like my favorite kind of day!

  3. Rain here today as well Deanna and I hope it washes the ugly black snow away. I did the usual Saturday laundry and baked 2 types of Irish soda bread for our St. Patrick's day pot blessing after church tomorrow.
    Our granddaughter is going to see Cinderella today for her eleventh birthday and I told her I am familiar with the actress as she is in Downton Abbey. Not sure if this meant much but she does know I watch DA. Hope you enjoy the show, I've seen the dress up close in photos - gorgeous!

  4. Let us know how many Downton Abbey characters you saw! The silver pitcher looks so beautiful with the fern.

  5. What a productive Saturday! We went to see McFarland - thought it to be a really good, inspiring movie. I'd recommend it.


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