Friday, April 29, 2016

Photo Friday

So, I think I'm going to try to do a photo on Fridays, with minimal chatter.

First up is this 

I could hear this guy calling half way down the block, as Rachel and I came out of the organic salon where I get my haircut.  I said to Rachel "that's a peacock!"  You can tell because they sound like Kevin from "Up."

Then I spotted him so we drove up past the house where he was.  He was pretty worked up - didn't see any peahens or anything, but when we stopped to take his photo - he shook his whole body at us!  Lol! We were properly impressed! 

Peacocks have such beautiful coloring, don't they?

So, have you ever seen a peacock in person?  I've seen them before but this was the funniest experience!


  1. We have a peacock and a peahen at the ranch! And 9 eggs!!! We are so excited! I'm hoping to get down there next week! They may not be hatched yet but I want to see them!!

  2. Yes, I have seen them up front and personal and they are a beautiful sight.

  3. wow - very impressive!
    sometimes these guys roam our suburban neighborhoods,
    bringing people out of their homes for the show. one
    such time i learned we have a new down the street
    neighbor. hm. i need to get out more. ;)

  4. They are so beautiful! And make such funny sounds!

  5. Oh, I so love peacocks, dearest Deanna, I'm always so charmed by them, thank you for sharing this stunning photographs with us !

    Hope you're enjoying your day, I'm wishing you much love for your weekend to come,
    sending blessings to you across the many miles


  6. Yes, I have seen them, but only at an animal farm and I have never actually seen one with his feathers all fanned out. Impressive!

  7. There are peacocks in a couple of the parks nearby and sometimes they go walk-about and end up in the neighbourhood. Their cry is unmistakable!

  8. I've seen them and they do strut in pride! Fun that you saw him up close.


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