Friday Five

We'll it's Friday again, already!  Anyone else feel this way?  Its been a good week, capped off by a delightful visit with new friends.  Not long after we started attending our church, I was greeted by a lady who introduced herself and told me she'd been reading my blog for years!  That was very sweet, and recently she messaged me about getting together.  We finally coordinated schedules and had a lovely time yesterday.  Michelle and her children came over in the afternoon, and we enjoyed tea and all kinds of fun talk about books, homeschooling, family, while the kids caught fish in the creek, captured butterflies to show us and then released, rode bikes and more. Kamryn came over because she is in Sunday School with two of the children, and Kyle got to know a few boys in his age range!  Such a great day!  

Thank you Michelle, for reaching out.  We had a super time!

For Friday Five I have photos of life around the cottage.

1.  Kyle's School Log

Tim created this log last year.  Each page has 14 weeks on it, I write his subjects down the side of the page and then it is easy to just check off each subject when he does it.  We are going to start his freshman year next week.

2. Limelight Hydrangea

So beautiful, and I love having fresh flowers in the house.  To extend the life of the hydrangea, I give it a fresh cut when I bring them into the house, dip the stem in Alum (found in the spice section of supermarkets), and put it into room temperature water.  If they start to droop, you can do the same process, and give them fresh water.  Its easy!

3. Sarah's Mini Rose Bush

It seems to be thriving, after seeming nearly dead last month.  I think we'll have to try either planting it into the ground, or repotting into a larger pot, and seeing if we can keep it alive over the winter in the house.

4. My Candyland Cherry Tomatoes 

These are so tiny but delicious!  Perfect in salads!  I love the ease of growing them on the deck.

5. The Song Of Late Summer

Cicadas singing in the August sunshine.  

Happy Weekend, Friends!


  1. Yes! That’s the same end of summer song playing here!

  2. Oh, yes, sounds like August. Friends, family, fun, and the incessant cicadas.
    Nice to be organized...very helpful of Tim to make that excellent chart.

  3. I just love that sound in reminds me of childhood and Summer's at our Grandmothers...beautiful hydrangeas and those tomatoes! Just gorgeous! Have a lovely weekend Deanna...hugs from Texas!

  4. I love the sound of the Cicadas, while I am out walking, Thank you r the tip using alum for fresh flowers, and like you I love fresh flowers in my home, my zinnias are really doing well, and that is what I am using.
    Did you say 'freshman", my where has time gone? You seem so well organized with your homeschooling, I know this knowledge is so appreciated by other Moms. It really is a small world, isn't it Deanna, who would have guessed you had someone reading your blog at your new church, I am so thankful for blogging, it has afforded me the privilege of meeting some wonderful ladies, you being one of them. Have a great weekend.

  5. Loved reading your Friday five! The cherry tomatoes look amazing, and what wonderful fellowship you enjoyed with your new friend. Such a blessing!

  6. Your tomatoes are just adorable!

  7. Wow! School already? That really does signal the that summer is fading...I'm still holding on tight.

  8. Enjoyed this end-of-summer "five" this evening . . . sights, tastes, and even sounds that say "summer"! I am going to file away that hydrangea tip . . .

  9. So happy that you were able to get together with your new friend. I love that hydrangea. I am going out front shortly to see if I can cut a bouquet of my blue ones to bring inside. Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  10. I know the summer is winding down, but it's still summer to me. We've had beautiful summer weather and there's corn and peaches, my summer treats! Have a great week.


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