More Easter Photos

Just thought I would share a few more photos of my younger kids....

These, as you may have noticed, are not any of my kids, but our really cool naturally dyed Easter eggs.  We used coffee grounds for the pale brown ones, black tea for the reddish brown ones, and purple cabbage for the blue ones!  The link to find out how we did them is here.  Thanks to Melissa from The Inspired Room for this great link!


  1. The kids, and the eggs, look very nice. (I'd say "beautiful" but Kyle might not like that.;-)

  2. The children are adorable, as always. Love the picture of Kyle in the tree, and your girls have gorgeous hair!

    The eggs are fabulous, too. I love the muted, natural colors!

  3. Such sweet pixie faces! :o)

    Love the naturally dyed eggs, MrsRabe! Beautiful muted tones.


  4. What cuties!!

    The pic of Kyle in the tree is beautiful!! I love it!!


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