How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

We finished school at the beginning of May, and so we are well into our "summer" break even though summer only officially began a few weeks ago. Our weather has been perfect - warm, not humid, cool in the evenings...very unusual for this time of year - we are not complaining....

We have been eating out on the deck almost every evening. Some nights we have our family Bible study out there too. The little ones listen and we let them draw or write while we read and talk about God's Word.

We have done deep cleaning, including much light comes in through this window that during the day if the kids watch a movie they like to close them. It was a bit difficult to watch the movie on this day. They managed though.

We have been spending a lot of time without shoes! The delight of summer.

The result of so much barefootedness? Black feet!
We have a huge mulberry tree and the kids love to pick the fruit...there is so much fruit that it drops everywhere and the kids walk through it...this is the result! That is mulberry juice. I am not sure his feet will ever be the same!

While spending so much time outdoors, Lindsay found this nest in the is made entirely out of horse hair and hay string... it is a very small nest. We don't know which of the many birds around here made it but it is sweet.

The girls have been working, Tim is on 3rd shift and sleeping during the day, so that leaves the little ones and I around most of the day. Today we are going to go to Costco...maybe we'll share a frozen yogurt. It is the simple things that delight and make them happy.

Since May we have celebrated 4 family birthdays, will celebrate 1 this weekend, and one in August, we have gone to Pittsburgh for a family funeral, to Florida for a family wedding, our homeschool convention. We have offered hospitality from our home and hosted a high school graduation for Lindsay and an English Country dance.

At home we have been cleaning, playing, reading, sewing and knitting. Emily has started on some of her school work. Our niece Kaitlin is coming on Tuesday for a visit and Tim's brother and sister in law will be popping into town from West Africa on their way to meetings at the mission in Florida. I likely will start the little girls on some school work soon...but not today.

How have you been spending your summer.


  1. This is a lovely review. I hope to get the house thoroughly cleaned before we begin schooling "formally" again.

    Running here and there makes it difficult to spend quality time at this task but these things are important as well.

    I love those dirty feet!
    ...and that you showed them!

  2. Such a cute post! I love summer days, just relaxin and enjoying the sunshine.
    For us, Ryan is teaching this summer, a few more weeks left. I have really missed having him home, but the Lord blessed us with extra income this summer and we are thankful for that. In August we will head to an Island in San Diego with my family for a vacation!! We thought we would stay kinda close this year since Cayden is so little. Thought about doing a plane, but not too sure.

  3. I love summer too. You are so right about the simple things. We took off 5 weeks of school. We are doing three weeks of school right now and then we take three more weeks off. Then we go back to serious schooling. When we school in the summer I focus on math,reading and we do lots of fun stuff too. I love the freedom homeschooling alllows us.

  4. Looks like a wonderful summer! We are enjoying our break from homeschool as well...Recharging to begin again in a few weeks!


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