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So much going on at all times, it seems...

Tim's van was totaled as he drove to work through the city last Thursday night. No one was hurt, thankfully they were both going slow through the city. My husband has the light system through the city figured out - if you go a the speed limit to 5 miles above - you will hit every green light. So he was going between 25 - 30 miles per hour. The other driver was distracted by his young son in the back seat...both tried to avoid the collision but couldn't. Tim's van was old and so with the damage - it was undriveable - the insurance company totaled it. Today I am driving the rental van - which is very nice. We are trying to decide what kind of vehicle to replace his with...

Our niece Kaitlin is still visiting, and also today another niece is coming to stay for 3 days. That will be fun, I know that water balloons were purchased and plans are afoot for a water war! Good thing it is hot!

I am finalizing membership for the homeschool co-op I lead. Right now we have 60 member families, with a possibility of two more families joining. I had a casual Mom's Gathering here at our home Monday night! I really enjoy these ladies!

Can I say that I love my children? They are such a blessing to me!

Lindsay has her riding students today. Speaking of riding, I found like new paddock boots for Rachel at Goodwill yesterday for $4.95!

I found really cute Naturalizer shoes at Marshall's for $34.99! They are very comfortable.

Well, I am sure I will think of more things but I think that is enough for today!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. oh do have a lot on your glad that Tim is okay...and trusting the Lord to work out ALL of details...yes..I can tell you love your children...your family and friends..think that is why I enjoy your blog...
    (Jane Austen too)


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