My Garden In Summer

Welcome friends! How are you enjoying this fine day? We have finally begun work on our horse barn - I can hear the sound of the skid loader in the pasture...I will need to send someone out to take pictures! Today is my Sarah's birthday and she is going to decorate a little cake later!

Her birthday party is a surprise to her so I won't spill the beans here yet. I will post about that this evening or tomorrow.

Lindsay and I have been taking some photos of the flowers in my garden this week so I wanted to share them with you.

I decided to add a photo or two of our creek...

Here is a close up of a sweet day lily. I bought it years ago because it said it was pink and I thought that would be unusal. The color is more salmon like but pretty.

This is a bloom from my black-eyed susan is blooming fine just not growing up the arch like I had hoped.

My shasta daisies...they started from two small plants and now are divided and transplanted not only in other areas of my yard, but in many other gardens as well.

Lindsay took this neat shot!

This is a pretty peach color rose, that my mom pulled out of her flower beds and gave to me! I am always a willing recipient of free plants!

This is my climber in my front flower bed...

Interesting shot of the Echinacea - purple coneflower.

This is a great shot also...
I will try to show you other garden areas here at Creekside Cottage sometime this next week.

I hope you have enjoyed your stroll through my gardens...and I didn't even charge admission!


  1. Beautiful Garden pictures, every one! I love Lindsay's shot of the Shasta Daisy. I planted two small plants in my garden this year. I know they like full sun but I had to place them in light shade. I will wait to see if they do okay there before looking for a brighter spot.

    Happy Birthday to Sarah!
    Always a pleasant visit stopping by your place!
    Kindly, ldh

  2. What beautiful photos. I especially like the daisies.

    I hope that Sarah has a wonderful b-day!

  3. How generous of you to allow us in without a fee. :-)

    I am sure Sarah will enjoy her special day.

    Those coneflowers are awesome. I'll trade you something you want from here for a hunk of those...

  4. Great garden pics! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mom

    Cool Pictures Lindsay!

    P.S. here is my Christmas list... A BETTER CAMERA (like Linny's)

  6. oh..what beautiful pictures...great quality..
    I sure enjoyed looking at them..

  7. Thanks for the congratulations on Ruby. She is a great baby!

  8. How lovely!

    I am determined to make an English Garden in the front/side of my house one of these years.

    I enjoyed you posts!

    God bless...

  9. it's late:)


  10. Great pictures. I love tending to my flower beds all summer. I find it relaxing.

  11. Oh my, so so so beautiful. :o)

    jAne at tickleberry farm

  12. Beautiful pictures!

    I didn't share any skid loader pictures because it's so hard to see the people inside. Maybe I'll try to do that another day. Right now I have a lot of things I want to post about.

    Yes, our friendships are very special and we treasure them.


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