Ideas Galore!

We are still in clean up mode from our big storm. You can go to Emily's blog to see photos of the storm and damage!

Meanwhile I have been cleaning and sorting and planning. I had a great brainstorm for my basement. We have a great spot for a home office down there and I have a photo of a corner office space that includes desk space for a computer and also lots of file cabinets and shelves. It will be perfect for downstairs! I have been trying to find the photo online, I thought it was in Better Homes & Gardens magazine but I can't find it online.

I also have always wanted to put more bookshelves down there and make sort of a library feel.

We likely will go with a lighter version of the yellow in our living room. So it will be bright and cheerful, and hopefully we will use it!


  1. You have a basement. Out on the left coast we don't have basements. Please know that at this very moment I'm green with envy in my coveting. :o)



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