Lots Going On Around Here!

I came home from my grocery shopping yesterday to mulched garden beds and a picket fence that had been pressure washed! My poor fence, which encloses the front flower beds, only had primer on it from when it was put in about 4 years ago. Today is the day it gets painted! Tim bought small rollers and brushes that the kids can use to help! I know he has my Dad's sprayer, so I am not sure what all he is up to, but I now he has a plan and it will get accomplished!

I think I will weed the back flower beds - before get too bad.

Tim also wants to build the raised beds today! I believe it will all get done! I love to see things being accomplished, and I love working together to get it all done!


Don't you love this fence with Hollyhocks growing along it? I used to have Hollyhocks - I adore them...I think I will put them in again this year! I hope my seeds will grow!


  1. This last picture reminds me of Williamsburg, VA. I love hollyhocks too. I have never grown them, though.

    Becky K.

  2. A picket fence with flowers all around is right up my alley! I love it!! Its beautiful and homey all at once. My parents have a small one, so cute! I love house work, sounds weird maybe, but I just do. Sounds like you will get a lot done today!! That always feels good!

  3. Love the hollyhocks, they stand tall and oh so beautiful!

    Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter Sunday.




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