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 I am greatly saddened this morning after hearing that Marcia's nephew was severely injured in Afghanistan. Marcia and I grew up in the same hometown in Southern California, and though we did not know each other then, she has become a friend now.  I am praying for him and their family.  You can click on her name above and read her post about it. 


I also have been doing a lot of online reading.  These are interesting times.  With the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, along with the nuclear reactor problems, the unrest in the Middle East.  I am thankful that I know and belong to the ONE who holds everything in His hands.

We have a fun and exciting evening ahead.  We will be attending a banquet celebrating the graduation of 90 home educating students!  The graduation itself is in May but tonight, we feast!  I hope to post photos tomorrow.


  1. Sending my prayers. May God Bless them all...

  2. I hope you had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for posting about my nephew. My brother called to say he had stabilized enough to move to a different hospital, in preparation for being sent to Germany. After that he'll be sent to Maryland for rehabilitation. We know it will be a long hard road, but we also know God is in control.
    Thank you for your prayers.


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