The Morning After

We had a lot of heavy rain and wind over night.  I went to bed around 12:00 am and I woke up when Tim was getting ready to leave for work around 3:10 am.  Our power flickered a bit and then stayed on.  After telling him to call me and let me know he got to work safely, I went back to sleep.  I got the call right at the time he would normally get to work that all was well, he had no issues on the road.

Our church was cancelled for today - we have families that come from quite a distance and with the heavy rain, potential flooding in areas from swollen creeks, and trees and branches down - it was the right decision.  

My Dad decided to come with my mom to our house last night and stay.  He listened to his radio and his station had two small calls - one for wires down - and felt there was no need for him to make that call.  He is at their church right now - they didn't cancel and he had sound today.  He may make calls today - the first responders are going to be busy all day.  Wind and rain is sure to bring trees down, and accidents.  

We have a broken tree top, it's hanging down.  We also have one of those willows that is leaning toward wires on the side road.  We will see if it will stay up long enough for Nate and the girls to take it down carefully, or until Tim gets home.

Clean up around the area will take a few days.  Tim says that their might be opportunities to help people with cutting up trees, etc.  Also a chance perhaps to get more firewood for the winter, or at least for next year.

Praising the Lord for his care.

Enjoying this WINDY day....


  1. Praising the Lord that you and your family are okay and have power! Be careful around those tree limbs, I believe a man died, during this hurricane, because of a falling limb.

  2. I was wondering how you came through the storm. The Governor was on Fox News and said there were some parts of Penn. that were in very bad shape.

    Stephanie texted me at about mid-morning to tell me they had lost power and she was turning her phone off to conserve batteries.

    Waiting to here how they came through. Their Governor had told everyone to stay off the roads.

  3. Glad you fared well, Deanna. We came through it too - but not without some discomfort and inconvenience. Water was seeping in through the basement stairs. We kept it contained there so there was no flooding in the basement as a whole. Just lots of towel wringing into bins and water dumping - for about 4 hours last night. We are wiped - and aching!

    All is well otherwise. So thankful that God preserves - but know many who have had a rougher time of it.

  4. So glad that you made it through safely!

  5. Hi, I'm so happy that nothing really serious has happened. Cancelling church was a right decision in these circumstances.
    Take care. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Glad you made it through so well. We lost our power for about 20 hours and lost phone service for about 12 hours. We are back on now....power was restored around 6:30 pm tonight. Small amount of water in the basement that the wet/dry vac will take care of easily. So, while it was an inconvenience, we are very blessed to have fared so well. My parents in NC had power off for 24 hours. They are all safe now, too.

    Have a blessed week!
    Laura K.

  7. Praising the Lord with you today!!
    So glad you are safe and sound!


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