We Lost Our Power Last Night...

 just as we had started a movie.  When it was apparent that it was not going to come back on for some time, we went outside into the unusually cool weather.  Sitting on our deck we watched God's show - the day after a hurricane, with the clearest skies we have had in a long time.  A hurricane will do that for you - clear out the gunk in the air.

 These are Lindsay's photos...she took advantage of absolutely no lights in our area.  We don't have a lot of light pollution at night but the little we do have makes a huge difference.

 The Milky Way was stunning last night...

 I enjoyed holding my granddaughter and telling her all about God's creation and how He loves her so much.  She fell asleep in my arms.  That is pure delight.

 "When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained, What is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You have visited him? Psalm 8:3-4
 Because of the preparations we made for the storm, which we ended up not needing, we were prepared for the power outage last night.

We lit the oil lamps and a few candles, put gallon of drinking water in each bathroom for brushing teeth and washing faces.

Because of the beautiful cool weather, we were perfectly comfortable without air conditioning, and slept soundly until around 2:00 am when our power came back on.  We turned off a few lights, and went back to sleep.  

What a blessing that power outage was for us.  We are hoping that those who might be with out power still due to the storm, have minimal inconvenience.  Praying for those in Vermont with all the flooding there.  


  1. Lovely thoughts - and photos - they came out great and showed well in the post. I bet that tender moment in the dark under the stars - each placed by the hand of God, Himself - and your whispered truths of God in Creation, will stay with your little one for her whole life. Such treasured moments.

    We are thankful that we did all the prep, too. Have put it in one place - hurricane season isn't over yet.

    Glad you weathered the gales so well!

  2. Rejoicing with you!! What a beautiful way to worship Him... Gathering in awe of the night sky. Lindsay's photos are awesome.

    Blessings, Debbie :)

  3. Lindsay captured the beauty of the night sky so well. I can't wait until we are in Potter County at Cherry Springs. We are so looking forward to showing Karen, Clarence and the girls the beauty of that dark sky!

    I would have been tempted not to tell the kids the power was back on yesterday afternoon. It was so nice and quiet without all of the electronic noise....but Chelsea took the call from Grandma Ruth saying it was back. We wouldn't have known because the panel was switched off.

  4. Sometimes, just to remind us that not only the Lord is in control, but, that also, we can glory in His creation, He takes away (even if it's just for a moment) what makes life convenient for us.

  5. Sometimes it is fun to loss the lights!! Clarice

  6. Sounds like a delightful evening! No power can be fun, when you aren't worried about flooding, etc.

    Lindsay's photos are great!

  7. What a wonderful evening you all had. No power turned out to be a blessing. The Pictures were so lovely!

    Love & Prayers,


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