Weekend Fun

You know my favorite 8 year old boy had a birthday on Saturday and we had a simple party and I came up with a theme the day of the party.

Emma and I went to Costco and then to a party supply store for balloons.  While there I saw camo paper plates, napkins and cups.  There was also army stuff with it, but for this party all I was looking for was camo.  He has a few items of camo clothing which he really likes and I thought he would like this.  Texted the two families coming for his party and mentioned the theme knowing they likely had camo since they have boys.  

The party store had a star shaped balloon with camo, and that combined with three other green balloons in different shades, finished off the decor.

 Don't you just love these faces?  We bought them camo facepaint for fun, and they liked it, even though it didn't show up too great.  I guess I didn't put it on heavy enough!  

 These adorable gals all did camo, too!  Paired with hot pink shirts they looked great!  Sarah's camo pants are very girlie with butterflies in the camo pattern!

 He was so cute reading all his cards carefully.

 All his friends wore camo to the party.

After I decided on the theme, I decided to try to do camo frosting.  I made my favorite buttercream frosting and put a bit into three bowls and started mixing in food coloring.  They really did turn out well, and we used a neat piece of wood we have from a tree on our property for a display platter.

He had a great time and is fully enjoying being 8 years old.

Sunday we had glorious weather, much more like October than August.  We went to an free outdoor concert at a park about a half and hour away.

 The Celtic Martins are a neat homeschool family who play lots of instruments and do Irish Dancing too.

The youngest member of the family is 7 years old and he has been playing fiddle for about 3 years.  He played on two songs.  So cute!

These sisters are so talented.  Between them they play bagpipes, Celtic whistle, mandolin, guitar, and they all play the fiddle.  Oh, and they all dance too!

It was a lovely evening - enjoyed in great weather, and with so many friends from church, and my mom and dad.  
The bagpipes got Lindsay, my Dad and I in the mood for Scotland!  6 days until we leave!

 Sarah's feet have been growing and she wears the same size as me now.  I gave her my red converse since she needed shoes and I don't really wear them much.

 But she's not getting these beauties anytime soon!  Love my red shoes!

What did you do over the weekend?


  1. What did I do over the weekend???? Well, it was a very full one (wrote about it on blog).

    The camouflage theme was a GREAT idea. I really liked the girls' pink shirts with theirs.

  2. What a lot of good times have been happening around your place. Happy 8th birthday to your son! Camo is a great idea for a theme.
    Concerts in the park always seem to be a lot of fun - the atmosphere is casual and friendly.

  3. I am going to take your word for it that the camo cupcakes were delicious! What a great idea for a camo theme...great way to delight the heart of a boy! Six days are going to fly by so quickly...soon you will be on your way.

  4. Such a great party, clever mama! What a stroke of genius, planning it all in one day...I love that! :)

    I also love those red shoes! (Keep them!)

    SIX DAYS!!!

  5. Haha. Kyle told me it was a camo theme but I didn't anticipate the ladies in theme clothing. That cracked me up.
    Daniel and Kyle were walking through the field on Sunday with their arms over each other's shoulder. It was the cutest thing! They are the same height and to see the blond and brown haired boys just enjoying their friendship blessed my heart.

  6. I really love this theme for a little boy party. What boy wouldn't LOVE it?

    I was thinking about your upcoming trip to Scotland. Praying that your little one is fully fit for it!


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