What Day Is It?

I know I got home from Scotland on Monday the 19th.....

In all seriousness, it's good to be home.  We flew to Florida Tuesday morning and flew back yesterday morning.  I'm feeling like a regular jet setter now.  

Tim's Mom is doing amazingly well.  Her therapists are happy with how she's doing.  The only thing that overshadows it all is that she could have another stroke.

When we arrived in Florida we found out that she had decided to decline the Coumadin.  There are risks of stroke associated with taking it, hemorrhagic strokes, which could cause a massive build up of blood in the brain.  This was weighed against the possibility of a regular stroke, and she decided to not take it.

There is a blood clot on one of her heart valves that they believe is the cause of the stroke that happened Friday night.

We flew to Florida to see Mom, of course, but also to be there for a family meeting with several of her husbands' children (one attended via FaceTime) and Tim's two sisters and us.  

We are all in agreement that they will do better if they can stay in their own home but they are going to have to have live in help 24/7.  This emergency with Mom enlightened us all to just how bad her husband is as far as mental ability, and how much Mom had been doing for him.  He was unable to process the need to call 911 or Tim's sister who lives nearby, but did manage to call someone in Jean's rolodex, (Saturday morning - the stroke happened Friday night) thankfully someone who lived nearby, and they were able to come over and they called 911 and Tim's sister.   So if this were to happen again, we need to have someone who lives with them, and can do the cooking, cleaning and laundry.  When Mom comes home from the hospital she'll be able to care for herself.

We'll likely be heading back down in a few weeks to take the kids to visit her and to work on some handyman type projects that are needed around their home.

Mom has a DNR as well - she is adamant about it - she said "If I die, DON'T bring me back!" 

There you have it.  She hasn't signed the DNR because her life is horrible or she is experiencing the challenges of old age, but because she is nearly 92 years old and she is READY to be with her Lord when He calls her home to Himself!

There is peace in that for us all.


  1. Precious....I love seeing a family work together to honor their parents. Tim's mom is an inspiration!

  2. Prayers for ALL of you dear friend! I know that it is a difficult time for all of you! God bless you all and keep you in his loving arms! HUGS and prayers coming your way!

  3. So glad that you were all able to find a workable solution for now. I love that she is ready to go on to her eternal home! What more can one ask for?

    "For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain."

  4. It is always good to have a plan and the one you've reached consensus on sounds like a good one. Praying that all goes smoothly and well once she is home for both her and her husband.

  5. Thank you Deanna for the update, I have been praying for your husband's parents , and for all as you were deciding which way was the best for them, It seems like you found the best solutions. It is so refreshing to hear of how families can come together in peace and harmony.
    May the Lord continue to bless you all and surround you with His loving arms.

  6. Glad you are home safe and sound, but sorry about Tim's mom. We are moving my mom here next Spring, to be near us, since I'm an only child now. If anything happened to her, the best I could do is fly there in 12 hours!

    Love you,


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