Birthday Boy

A self portrait I found on my phone....

He's eight today.

He's all boy - active, wild, crazy, full of energy.  He loves math and science and loves to learn.  He likes to build things, swing, ride his bike, jump on his sister Emma everyday!

He bickers with his sisters, whines when he's tired, loves deeply, and is very tender hearted.

I am thankful for this gift God gave to us when I was 42 years old.

Love you to the moon and back...


  1. Happy birthday to your boy :)
    The picture says a LOT....the freckles and grin & how you captured his personality in such short and simple terms makes me smile.

  2. Happy Birthday to my honest friend! He sure is the cutest and what a great find on your phone. LOL

  3. Happy Birthday, Kyle!

    Hard to believe he's 8!

  4. Happy, happy birthday to your sweet little blessing boy! He is the cutest thing! (I love his selfie!)

  5. How sweet to find that on your phone. Happy Birthday to your big boy. I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. The previous one was wonderful! And I hope you have a wonderful trip to Scotland in just a few days! I remember packing for my trip --wow it is a challenge, it seems the older I get!

    I also loved your red and white dishes on the dish rack! What a great picture!


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