Making A Life

How many of us are blessed to live the life we want to live?

I know that I am.

Now I am not talking about having huge amounts of money, driving a certain kind of car, etc.  I am talking about the important things of life.  Faith, family, friends, simplicity, love, caring for others.

We've chosen to be focused on people over things and the results have been wonderful.  We have deep and meaningful relationships, which give us encouragement, and a sense of community.

By being deliberate we have a rich home life with lots of laughter, joy, and love.  We do have stresses and we do have struggles, but the joy of our home makes it a place we all love to be, in the place where we are loved and accepted. 

My husband is creative and skilled in his work and works hard both at his place of employment and here at our home.  Over the years he has built a horse barn and now a chicken coop.  He has built and designed trim work for our home, put wood floors in, repaired cars, keeps the laundry process going.  Mostly though he reads the Word daily and prays and reads it to us and prays for us.

We chose home education for our children and we've always been thankful.  It is exciting to me to learn with my children every year.  I love seeing them learn to read and watching them conquer challenges.  I love hearing them telling their Dad or others about something they learned.

I love moving from Mommy to Mom and friend with my kids.  I love watching my granddaughter smile, and I love that we are the ones providing her care everyday while Mommy and Daddy are at work.

I am looking forward to my parents adding on to our home so that they can be with us daily and yet in their own space as well.  I'm excited about the trip my daughter and I are taking with my Dad to Scotland.  We leave in 10 days!  It's going to be awesome!

You can make your life by being deliberate about your choices.  What are the things you value?  What things are most important to you?  You can start being intentional about them, and making them the focus and good portion of your life.

When you do, you will be blessed and delighted with your life.  And thankful.

I know I am.


  1. Great post! I love the simple things in life which always turn out to be the MOST important:) Have a blessed week dear friend, HUGS!

  2. Love that silver!

    My friend, Heather L. (who gave me the wedding recovery box), is leaving for Scotland in a few weeks for a sabbatical with her family.

    They lived there when their oldest was a baby and her husband was doing some kind of ministry. They loved it and are thrilled to be returning.

    On her blog, she has been sharing the "Scotland books" she has been reading for awhile in anticipation of the sabbatical.

  3. I feel the same way, Deanna. Making a life involves making choices by seeking His plan...and then being content in what He brings. We are so blessed...

    (I love all the pictures you chose for this post!)

  4. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful, thankful and fulfilled life. Deanna. A lovely and encouraging post. It is so refreshing to read of someone who has clear direction in their life. I love the fact that your Mom and Dad are going to be so near to your family, everyone's life will be so enriched. And I am just green with envy that you are going to Scotland. ~smile~ enjoy, I know there will be lots of photos to share.

  5. An inspired post! I could not agree with you more. It's about intentional living and choosing, and I definitely agree with what you said about choosing people over possessions.

    Amen, blog sister.

  6. Wonderful thoughts so beautifully expressed. All I can add is a hearty AMEN! Oh and I'm so excited about your trip to Scotland coming up so soon.

  7. That was a lovely post! I certainly I agree with you about living and intentional life and of course choosing people over things.

  8. Your photographs look like pages out of Victoria magazine. You have a feminine flair for homemaking.

    Dean told me that he saw you at the farm stand and that you were planning to travel to Scotland. How exciting. I've stopped at two farm stands with him since then and wondered and hoped for the same coincidence. But alas, not yet.

    Relationships are more important than things. Your post is a beautiful reminder of this.
    Karen A.

  9. It's ALL good! HE'S all good! Your contentment is proof.

    I can hear your excitement about Scotland way over here in NE Indiana!


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