Project: Chalk Painted Chair

I've been playing with paint lately...latex in the girls room, Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

The Milk Paint and the Chalk Paint are new to me.  They are very different from one another, but it's been fun to try new things.

Today I want to show you the chair I painted with the Chalk Paint, even though I have not waxed it at all yet.

 This is a sweet chair I got right after Tim and I were married.  It was painted a country blue color and was used when we got it.

 For some reason, my Mom ended up with it and had painted it white then a green color treatment over the white.  We ended up with the chair again, and while I love the chair, the paint treatment was very outdated.

 Here is the chair with one coat of the chalk paint...

And here it is with two coats.  Like I said I have to wax it still, and I think that will add depth to the finish.

I am in LOVE with the English Yellow color but used a sample size of the pure white on the chair because the store I buy my paint from was out of the sample size in English Yellow!  Now that I know how the paint is and that I like it, I will probably buy the quart of paint in Yellow.

Many people who use the milk paint and the chalk paint do distressing too.  Not sure that I want to do that on this piece - my husband is not overly fond of that look.

I just thought about the fact that since I haven't put the wax on yet, I could paint this chair yellow!  That would be fun!

What do you think?  White or Yellow?

Here is an image from google that shows a chair in the yellow paint.

I am thinking yellow!

Stay tuned!


  1. as you know, i love ASCP and use it exclusively and often. :) adding the wax will offer a deeper tone of white i'm sure you'll love! be sure to use the wax sparingly and to buff it to the finish you prefer (from matte to high gloss). the english yellow (new to the ASCP line) is **very** bright yellow. i'd try it on a piece of wood before painting a piece of furniture - just to be sure it's what you want. :)

    beautiful chair! great job!

  2. I love the white! Haven't seen the English Yellow, but another suggestion might be Arles. I love it's warm yellow tone. The white can be used anywhere... just a thought.

  3. Which color? Which ever color goes best, in the spot you want to place it...

    Chalk paint... New to me... But then, I don't paint much. Dull me, I know. ,-)))))))))


  4. Oh it covered so nicely...did you do any prep work to the chair prior to painting? I am not going to vote today because it would be so biased. I have mentioned my love for a certain color that begins with "y" so often and I don't mean yertle green.

  5. Oh, I am no help at all! A white chair...a yellow chair...both sound lovely! I suppose it depends on where you're putting it. Basically, there is no such thing as a bad painted chair, is there? See. I told you I was no help.

    But what a fun dilemma! :)

  6. Now hold on to your hat when I say this, but... I'm planning to chalk paint the chairs in my kitchen. See? I DO like some chairs painted, and yours looks great. As to colors, oh please don't count on me. I am always painting stuff white. I'm such a color coward.


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