The Big Reveal And Other Odds and Ends

First off the big reveal of Rachel and Sarah's room....

We were going for a silver in the top space but couldn't do it, so we tried grey but the aqua below made the grey look one was happy with it so we mixed a bit of the grey with the left over aqua and came up with a slightly lighter color on the top.  It is  so pretty especially with these fun curtains from Target.  We were going for a more grown up look in here.  Due to the humidity we are giving the walls a few extra days to cure before hanging anything back up, so a true 'after' photo will have to wait!

Last Saturday, I took Sarah and Rachel shopping downtown at some antique stores, and then we went to Strasburg to poke around a bit more.

 I treated myself to a Friendly Village tea cup and saucer!

 Then two Ball jars with zinc lids.  These are quart size jars and were only $4.50 each.  I saw them in a different booth for more money and then in a different store for $15 a piece!  I was glad I got them were I did.

This is the color difference between the new Ball jars and the old.  The new color is more intense but I love them.

We went to my mom's house to celebrate the 4th of July and the only photos I took were of my mother's hydrangea and fireworks.

 This bush was pitiful for years.  Usually one flower would blossom.  This year it is covered with gorgeous blossoms, in purple and pink...
 So pretty.

 These were pretty and fun too!

What've you been up to lately?


  1. The colors of the walls and curtains are SO pretty! (You're wise to let the paint cure...) It really has been humid here, too. We DID enjoy sitting outside after dinner yesterday watching various teams play corn hole. Once in a while, a gentle breeze would blow making it pleasant to be outside in spite of humidity.

    While we wished our children and grandchildren could be with us, we DID enjoy the company of my parents and sister and her family....

  2. Beautiful hydrangeas:) Love the color of the flowers and your paintwork! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

  3. The girls' room came out so nice! You've all achieved a great look. I remember mixing paint once to achieve a satisfactory color with excellent results. Nice finds at the antique market. Course I'm partial to The Friendly Village! I took no photos yesterday either. Seems as if everyone was too hot to be bothered with picture taking!

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  5. Wow! The room looks great. Love it. Very nice change. Had a relaxing time at Winterthur(bought a membership) they were half off yesterday. :)
    Glad you enjoyed your fourth.

  6. The girls' room came out beautiful! Pretty colors and the curtain is pretty too.

    And I love hydrangeas of ANY color.

  7. I love the girls' room! Such a bright and cheerful color(s)...I know they'll enjoy their new look. (They might be a little like their mama, huh?) :D

    What have we been up to lately? Oh does summer get so busy? It's been mostly "fun" stuff, with a little bit of cleaning/organizing in between. (I happen to think that's fun too...just not in the traditional sense.) I have been too busy to keep up with all my blog plans this week, but I do hope to share some pics of Bekah's freshened up room sometime tomorrow.

    I thought it was just me. I said to Kati after our family reunion yesterday, "I just wasn't 'feeling' the pictures today." It was so hot that I didn't get around a lot, and only took THREE pictures! That is some kind of record I think.

  8. Lovely room re-do.

    Oh do you use old canning jars, for drink glasses? I've seen this done, but never tried it. Perhaps I will now. :-)

    Oh please tell me....What *magic* did your mother weave, to get her tired Hydrangea to bloom again, so beautifully???? We have a bunch of very tired ones here. -pout- And we just don't know what to try, next. Bahhhh-humbug...

    Btw, I love to stop by any blogs, with "Cottage" in their title. I am so in-love-with cottages and the whole cottage-concept. Wish I had one, myself. But don't. So I love to visit with cottage bloggers. :-)

    Gentle hugs,

  9. It's hard to comment these days with limited computer time but I did want to say I love the color or the room.

    After I started collecting Friendly Village china, I recalled an article in the original Victoria about the producer (?) of the Little Women movie of the 90s saying her very favorite tea cup had been a gift and it looked like the house in Little Women.

    Well, one day when I had lots of time (last winter?) I perused through the old Victoria mags that I had and was fortunate to find that article. I'm pretty sure the teacup she described was the Friendly Village teacup. I will have to rewatch Little Women soon.

    I've heard pro and con regarding the new Ball jars. I think purists still like the original jars best but a lot of people who love the shade of blue seem to prefer the new one. I like both!


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