Thursday, July 25, 2013

Something I Missed

It was cool and crisp last evening.  The kind of night usually experienced it the Autumn. 

 I loved it.

And I did something that I've missed.  

I had a deck date with my man.

As you know, I am NOT a fan of heat and humidity.  In the summer I tend to hide out in places with Air Conditioning.  If I have to do outside work, I do it early in the day or in the evening.

Yesterday was lovely.  Very pleasant.  I went out used the bow saw to take a few branches off of our Red Sunset Maples in the front yard.  Just smallish ones that are growing too low.  I like not whacking my head when I mow.

When the evening rolled around, the kids returned from their ultimate frisbee game at the park, and proceeded to hang out with Lindsay in the living room.

My man said, "Its nice outside.  We should sit on the deck."  I agreed quickly.

Out we went and were quickly joined by Emma.  Tim and I held hands and we all looked at the stars, and watched for satellites. 

When she was younger we would have shooed her back inside to give us our time alone, but we know that these years with her are winding down.  It's good to share time together and listen to each other, and talk about the changes growing up can bring and the expectations, etc.

It was good.

I had to go inside and get a blanket it was so chilly.  Delightful!

Time spent with my man, my girl, and God's glory on display made for a sweet night.

I've missed this.  Really missed it.

But I'm thankful for the preview of Autumn, and of deck dates to come.


  1. Ahhhh...the air was so crisp and fine last night and today. Glad that the Canadian high extends down your way...

  2. Sounds dreamy...the deck date, the time of chatting with Emma, and the preview of autumn. All good.

  3. We are also experiencing a few days of weather bliss before the heat returns.

    One thing about an empty nest, there is always time together. Which is good when someone whose name I will not mention but to whom I am married is in fine fettle... not when he is cranky.

    God forbid when Victoria is also in a snit. ;)

  4. Sounds lovely! I long for the cool crisp days of Autumn... Enjoy those special times with your man:)


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