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I've heard Brenda speak of Elizabeth Goudge for years, but as yet had not read one of her books.  Last weekend while out thrifting with my younger girls, I found this book and made the purchase.  It felt like a steal at only $1.50!

The dust jacket is a mess but the book is in great condition.  I've started it and hope to finish it this week.  With all the painting that was happening here, I didn't get too much reading time.

With the temperature supposed to be 93 degrees today, I am planning a 'stay in all day' kind of day.  Movies, reading, games, and I am going to be trying out some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint today. I'll post about it next week.

Stay cool!


  1. Looks good! I never write down Elizabeth Goudge's name. When I get to the library, I get confused because there are two authors with the same last name, so I come home resolved to find out which one it is that other's speak so highly about.....

  2. Oh I don't know that one, but I imagine it'll be very good and that your money was well spent. Hope that you have some relaxing times to sit and enjoy with a tall glass of iced tea. Perhaps a cookie or a little slice of cake. Is it lunch time yet?

  3. Elizabeth Goudge is on my want to read list too, and you found a great bargain. Be sure and review it for us.

  4. I've been hearing about Elizabeth Goudge on other blogs and have been curious. Please let us know what you think, once you're done reading.

  5. With many of her books starting at $30.00-ish, that is a great find!

  6. I have not read any of her books either, but as she comes highly recommended, and you got a great bargain, it seems like a good time to start! Let me know what you think...

    I love days like the one you had planned for today! Our Saturday was busier than usual (homeschool meeting this morning, a first birthday party this afternoon), so I did not get to stay in out of the heat, but it was a good day. Hope yours was good too!

    Looking forward to seeing your painting project!

  7. I've read a few of Elizabeth Goudge's books but not that one. Are you enjoying it?
    Staying cool seems to be the thing to do around here, too.


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