Lindsay Really Messed Up Her Knee!

I love this photo...they are so alike in their analytical thinking.  She showed him a game last week called "Move the Box" and he's been playing ever since.  They "help" each other out on the levels.

Here they are waiting for the doctor to come in and talk MRI and results etc.

Basically she has a tear in her meniscus, a complete ACL tear, bruising on the tibia and femur from where they bones slid and hit each other.  Yes, OUCH!

She's headed for surgery, in the next couple of weeks.  She has some pre-surgery therapy he'd like her to do to get her range of motion back before surgery.  She will get a completely new ACL made just for her...lucky girl.

Her surgery will be before our Scotland trip and she will have several weeks of therapy behind her before we leave.  She will be wearing a brace, but since she is going to be with my Dad, myself and my nephew, she won't be having to push it to keep up with at least Dad and I.  The doctor is okay with her going, though he has warned her it will be hard.    I am sure that the therapist will give her some exercises to keep up with as well.

Will you pray that her range of motion comes quickly?  She is eager to get back to work too, and the sooner she has the surgery the sooner that can happen as well.

She has been cheerful in all of this and I am thankful for her good spirits. It's not easy to not be able to ride her horse or do archery, and work with animals, or drive, or earn money for her trip and save for a car.....I'm proud of her!


  1. Poor Lindsay! It is good that she is not feeling sorry for herself, but that doesn't mean I can't feel sorry for her. It's so hard to have to ~stop~ and put everything on hold. I pray that the Lord uses her "down" time to do His work...and that she has a full recovery!

    (Love the pic of Tim and Lindsay at the doctor's office!) :D

  2. I am so sorry to hear just how bad Lindsay's injury is. I will certainly keep her in prayer. Would you ask her to do the same for me as I undergo a complete knee replacement on July 23?

  3. Oh dear...that is a fright. Well, this I know, God is still in the healing business and we can trust Him through every situation. He knows that she must be in pretty good shape to travel. Oh, the good news is that you can request a wheelchair for the airports! Keep us informed. (I like that photo, too! Now I'm off to the App Store.)

  4. My son had the same surgery. After physical therapy his knee was stronger than it was before the injury. And he was not in any pain within 6 weeks of surgery... prayers lifted!!!

  5. oh goodness, poor girl. :(
    thankful for modern medicine!
    a few years back i had a 'mopping' incident: tore my mcl and miniscus... the doc said they prefer physical therapy over surgery for people of my age. **people of my age?!?!?!** hehe. ah, to be young again. ;)

  6. Oh I am so sorry, about this. I'm new here, so I don't know how this happened. But I certainly wish her well, with all which will go into, the *fixing* of it.

    Hugs to her...


  7. Oh, poor Lindsey....That is quite an injury! I'm so sorry this happened, but thankful that she will still be able to go to Scotland.

  8. Oh dear and YES I'll join with the prayer warriors that she has an utterly remarkable recovery! I don't want this to put a stinker on Scotland. (And I praise for the gift of intellect that equips folks for the medical field. They never cease to amaze me with what they can do.

    (And I love that picture.too.)

  9. Poor girl. Praying she heals quickly!

  10. My goodness-all our PA friends are dealing with injuries.

    We will add Lindsay to our prayers. So glad she'll still be able to take the trip.


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