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With the store fully closed, I am now free to thrive at home once more!  With all this thriving, I am working with the younger three kids in our family to learn practical skills this summer.  We decided to start with an easy project for the girls bedroom - new paint colors!

This room hasn't been painted since 2005 before Kyle was born, and these girls were ready for change.  The great thing about this room is that it is not too big, it is divided by great trim and a shelf and thus each section is not too large.

I taught them to tape off, cut in and roll the bottom half of the room last evening while the older folk here watched a movie that was not appropriate for the younger ones.  I'd say it was a great success!

In this photo you can see the beautiful aqua color they chose.

Sarah is now prepped and ready for the upper half work today.  They are cleaning poster tack off the walls and wiping the walls, too.  Then we'll tape it off and they'll start the upper color which is a soft grey color.  They wanted silver but we couldn't get a big can of metallic silver.  We have a few ideas in mind to work with this grey so stay tuned.

She's a fun one!

I'll get more photos today of the rest of the process.

Also on tap to learn this summer is cooking.  Sarah's skills are not what the other girls were at this age.  So Mama is going to rectify the situation!  This is what happens when you have older siblings!

She's going to start with breakfasts, then lunches, then helping with dinner.

My friend and I are going to do group learning for our girls this summer too.  Knitting, sewing, crochet, bread making, stitchery.  Fun times ahead.


  1. These sound like great plans! Time flies and there's plenty to teach/learn before children leave home. (I'll look forward to seeing the finished bedroom.)

  2. She's so cute! What a great job she's doing painting! It'll be a whole new world in there. Love that she's going to be cooking this summer. Hope that she finds it a lot of fun.

  3. Mama gets two enthusiastic thumbs up!

    And can I just say that that last series of pictures is just adorable to me?


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