The Weekend

There are very few photos of this weekend, because I was busy living it.

Friday night we hosted a gathering of church friends who have been watching the video series of Love and Respect.  It was a good and if you are not familiar with it check out their website.

Saturday our friend Jeremiah and two of his sons came to help Tim with some excavating around our barn to help with the flow of water when it rains.  I made omelets and nutella waffles for breakfast and turkey and cheese sliders for lunch.  So, so good!

We've been having an issue with our rooster Cash for about 6 months.  He got aggressive and it got to be that he would not just be defensive if someone came near him or his two hens, but he would come to where you were and be aggressive.  Now this is a problem as we like to have full access to our property and Kyle would have to take a stick with him to go to the barn or to play.  He also would fly up at a person and claw them - he got Kamryn on her sides and another little friend on the neck and lip!  So that was that.  No more chances that he'd relax and settle down!

We dispatched him on Saturday.  Not a fun or pleasant task but necessary and an opportunity for the kids to learn.  Several of our kids didn't love it - but they plucked a little, and now if they ever have a need to raise some chickens for food they know the basics of how to do it.  We are planning on raising some meat chickens but there is a local butcher who will do all the unpleasant things and vacuum seal it ready for the freezer for just a few dollars a bird - well worth it and what we are planning to do.

Later that afternoon we ended up at our friends' house where Rachel babysat all the kids and we adults went to dinner!  We teased Rachel that Brigette was preparing dinner for all the kids and that it would probably be chicken!  We laughed a lot when we got there and it was!  

Our friends wonderful old farmhouse!

Sunday we came home from church and had lunch as a family, sat around the living room together, laughing, chatting and playing with our laptop, or iphones or iPods.  It was a real Apple advertisement!  Lindsay and Tim are addicted to "Move the Box". Tim took a nap in the chair, and I laid down and napped a bit too.

A family from church who we always hang out with went to a concert in the afternoon at a local church and then as we had invited them to they dropped in for a while.  We always have a blast.  The kids played outside (free of worries about the rooster), the parents chatted and feed hungry kids, the dads talked doctrine and church and another friend came over and installed a program on Lindsay's computer, and they played a strategy game.

It was the ebb and flow of the blessing of fellowship.

After our friends hit the road for their long drive home, Tim gathered us together to read the verses from the sermon yesterday 2 Peter 1:1-11.  There was good discussion and we found that it also tied into our Sunday School class too.  It is a blessing to hear my kids talk about what stood out to them or how they had never thought of a certain verse in that way before, etc.

Kyle, who is battling a cold and a raspy voice, fell asleep in his chair, and was carried to bed by his daddy.  

Now I must get moving this morning.  The girls are having their home ec class today - they are going to make bread, and I want to get a batch going early so it will be ready to work with when the girls get here this afternoon. Then with the dough they make we'll bake it later after it has risen and been shaped and risen again.

I'll take photos and show you how it goes!

I hope your weekend was wonderful, and that you have the blessing of family and good fellowship!


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend (well, except for the demise of the rooster)! And it sounds like a lovely week in the making too...I get excited about first days of school! Ours is a ways off. We did not finish until late in June, and we'll be starting up in September. I hope to get organized and make some plans this week though...

    Happy first day to you and your students!


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