Ah, May!

It's a busy month for us, as we have four immediate family birthdays, my niece's birthday is in May.  We went to a wedding on the first, and the eighth is Mother's Day.

This is what I'm hoping my kids will get me....

We have our homeschool evaluations this Friday, Sarah and Kyle have testing as well, then Rachel has graduation on the 13th.  We also have our state homeschool convention that same weekend.

Two of Tim's siblings have wedding anniversary's this month as well!

Add to that a little something I've been planning - more on that on Thursday! 

Also this month Kay and Emily have their twenty week ultrasounds on the same day and Kay is planning a gender reveal party for that evening!  So exciting!

May has always been full of family events for our family.  Do you have a month like that? Or are your family events all spread out neatly through the year?


  1. I just realized you're getting two grand babies born close together!

  2. A happy and busy month of May! Ours used to be October. Alas, not any more. We are pretty spread out over the year now. So you want to paint? Or do you want a crew to paint? I'd go with the latter.

  3. So many exciting happenings in your family!! And now you have me curious about that "little something" you're planning. :)

    Your May is our August...lots of busyness but lots of fun too!

  4. Wow...you are going to be busy this month Deanna! Good to have projects...have fun with all of it!

  5. Goodness girl! You have your dance card pretty full!
    Enjoy and here's hoping you get your wish list!


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