Painted Chair - A Work In Progress

First of all, I got the brushes I was hoping to get for Mother's Day from my darling children.  Not shown here is the ASCP roller and extra rollers.  The blue bristled brush I already owned.  I can't believe how much better it is painting with these brushes!  The paint goes farther and so does the wax with the wax brush.  Thank you kids!

It's been rainy again, so even though I had lots of lights on and painted in the afternoon, the photos are not really great.

I decided to start experimenting with this chair, which is one of three that I own.  Its a cute children's classroom chair for preschool/kindergarten sized kids.  

You can see that on the back portion of the chair that some of the veneer had come off.  It makes it look like the wood is cracked but its just the veneer.

 I thought I'd make it look shabby chic, so I painted it with French Linen and planned to do a wash of old white over it.

 I don't have a photo of the wash, but I didn't really like that, so I painted the whole chair Old White.

 I liked that better but it needed something.  My mom suggested I do a color on the seat portion to contrast.  I had been considering that and the only colors I had were some Florence and Emperor's Silk.  I went with the Florence, and while I like it and think it's very pretty....

I'm wondering if I should have mixed Florence and Old White together to so that the contrast wouldn't be so strong.  I don't think I want to use dark wax on it.  

I'm having fun trying different things.  I may mix some Florence and Old White and do a thin layer of that over the darker Florence, letting some of the darker color show through, but lightening the over all color intensity.



  1. i love the contrast and am a firm believer that you cannot go wrong with 'old white.' it's my favorite and my go-to color. if my husband stands still too long i may paint him as well. ;) that said, you're right in not using dark wax. your idea of mixing florence and old white is a great one ... putting a tablespoon of old white in a little dish and adding a quarter teaspoon of florence, mix it well, see if it's the tone you want. if not, add another quarter teaspoon of florence until you arrive at your preferred tone. i wouldn't do the other way of adding old white to florence - you'll use too much old white and waste paint. ask me how i know... eye roll.

  2. No thoughts. Of all the options I see here, I like the last best. Looks as if Sherry has some good advice. Hope that you're having fun with it!

  3. I am soaking up (pun intended) Sherry's knowledge of the product. I surely would not have thought of that mixing technique, although I am a mixer from way back.

    I loved the chair white, but I like your mom's suggestion. I think the lighter color will look great as a contrast! Be sure to show us!! :D

  4. I like the blue with the white, a cute project.

  5. What a great transformation! Cute as can be :)


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