Cleaning Up After The Weekend

Tim and I were away from Thursday night until Saturday night. The kids came home Friday night with Lindsay and Joseph and then there was a big Airsoft event here on Saturday.  This house gets used which is how we like it.

After church yesterday, we went to our friends home, where we helped host a grad party for Rachel and our friend Quinn.  It was fun!  Tim and I arrived home from that after 8:00pm and the kids almost two hours later.

This is how the house looks this morning, though I admit to moving the blanket and pillow before I decided to take the photos.

The kids are sleeping in a bit and when they get up this will all be tidy in no time.

I don't mind these kinds of messes.  They are a sign of life being lived, fun being had, and events being celebrated!

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  1. Dear Deanna:
    I love your sweet - warm - friendly home. It looks just like my house with stuff as I regularly move things for photo shoots and of course the phrase "can we eat it now?" is often heard. I love your floors too! Thanks for sharing and linking.

  2. I love a home that opens its doors always for family and friends. A lot of love and friendship reign there. I'm sure the Lord is pleased! This summer I will have six to seven adults and five little ones underfoot as everyone will be home for vacation. It is such a blessing to have one's loved ones around. Thank you for sharing and linking and have a lovely day.


  3. love when people are brave enough to show the rooms in their real life state. still lovely and comfy too. inspiring.

  4. I only wish that my home looked so good after a house full of happy partiers; it doesn't. Hope that you have all settled down to a nice calm after the busyness of grad week. Then I know it'll be on to the next thing because something is always going on down there.

  5. It looks pretty good to me!! Just a smidgen of lived-in-and-loved!! :)

  6. Yes it's the best mess I've seen! And happy memories floating around.


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