Cousins, Sisters, Auntie, Uncle

Those available today met up for breakfast at our favorite local place; The Gallery Grille .

Here are the girlies in their 'loved by my grandma' tshirts from Old Navy.

We got quite a few shots then Klaire and Isla's shoes started to come off!


Isla is enthusiastic about life!

I'm dying over these fringed boots. (also Old Navy, I got them on a big sale!)

Kamryn is such a little mommy - she put her hands behind the girls on her own!  So sweet!

 Loving Klaire's leopard print mary janes

Piling on Auntie Sarah...

Let's add one more...

 Love it!


  1. Love it. Those shirts and shoes ate adorable.

  2. These children are adorable...precious photos Deanna!

  3. Great pics and it looks like fall weather there!

  4. How adorable! My husband was just at Tanglewood Golf club for a golf charity fundraiser in September. I guess I should have looked at the pictures of this place before, it looks really nice!


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