Hydrangea In Late Summer/Early Autumn

They are so lovely with their autumn color and I just can't stop admiring them!

They've really dried beautifully.

As the month has gone on they're still just perfect.

We were thankful to hear that our family and friends were all safe and their homes and vehicles were undamaged.  Some trees down and clean up needed but all the important things are just fine.  Thank you for your prayers.


  1. Oh, that is such good news!! I am delighted to hear that your dear ones fared well in a storm that could have brought much worse.

    Beautiful hydrangeas!

  2. LOVELY, lovely hydrangeas Deanna. Happy to hear your loved ones are unharmed.

  3. The deer ate ALLour hydrangeas, so I will enjoy yours instead. In years past I dried them and wired the to our Christmas tree and garlands for a very romantic look.

    Thankful your friends and family are safe!


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