Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Leaf Fun and Family Photos

These photos were taken on Thanksgiving Day.  Tons of leaves in the yard!  They are now all raked up, but the girls had a lot of fun when we went out to take family photos.

Here is the photo we used for our card this year.  

Two weeks until Christmas!  I'm not nearly ready, but I'm not stressed.  I'm enjoying the season, doing some shopping, doing some baking, watching Christmas classics and Hallmark movies.  Enjoying time with these sweet people who share my life.  I'm grateful.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Love that family photo🎄 Enjoy your day dear friend, hugs!

  2. Those are fun photos!! And your Christmas card photo is fabulous!!

    (Kyle looks a little chilly? What is it with young men and coats?!)

  3. I know what Kyle needs for Christmas—a jacket!

    This is a lovely family photo. Good choice for cards.

    The action shots are great!

    Not ready for anything here either, but I have wrapped my the first package. 🎁


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