Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thoughts On Thursday

We had a lovely campfire last night (though it was warm and humid).  Rachel wanted one last time with her sweet and kind friends.

 We'd had some rain yesterday and because this summer has been so rainy the ground is pretty squishy.  It didn't deter the sweet babe in her cute pink shoes, as she ate snacks and walked all around.  It didn't deter others from throwing the frisbee and having a great time.

I rearranged a bit in my bedroom and in the living room.  The bedroom became the place for the bookcase, and I pushed the love seat up against the plate wall.

I moved the table, that was where the brown Ikea chair is, to the end of the loveseat to hold a lamp and be a place for people to put their cups or books etc.  The chair that Watson is sleeping in was next to the bookcase on the plate wall. 

 See how this small change has opened up the room?  With autumn and winter coming, it will make it easier to get around when everyone is hanging out inside the house, rather than outside!

 Today is our first day of co-op, so I'll be heading out in a few hours to set up our parents room.  I need to stop on the way for creamer, water and a few snacks.

We are praying for Hurricane Florence to turn out into the Atlantic, and for safety for everyone in her path.


  1. I love how your living room looks - I need someone to come to my house and tell me how to rearrange. I seem to be stuck in a rut! Bonfires are always such fun - no matter if it's hot our not. We are praying for Hurricane Florence here as well.

  2. It was warm and humid? Those flannel shirts faked me out! I should have paid more attention to the grandgirlie in her pink summer outfit! She’s so cute... Happy Co-op!

  3. I like the change in the LR. And you will miss Rachel--but exciting days ahead for her and you can sit back and watch (and pray!) We're hunkering down for the storm but it sure is taking time getting here.

  4. It does look so open and spacey. Have a super weekend ahead.

  5. I love rearranging furniture! It gives a different perspective to a room. Your new arrangement certainly does open things up.
    How lovely for Rachel to have some time with her friends before moving on to her new adventure.

  6. I like your new arrangement! I have plans to rearrange our living room. Waiting for Gary to finish remodeling a piece of furniture... Also plans for a fire. A bit more private than yours, but a fire nonetheless....

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