Potting Flowers and Growing Tomatoes On The Deck

Yesterday was a glorious weather day.  Sunshine, bluest of blue skies, mild temperature.

It was the perfect day to pot up some plants I bought last week, at Cherry Hill Orchard, but first I need a few pots for my tomatoes, and I needed potting soil.  Rachel and I headed out to Christmas Tree Shops for the pots.

Then to Ken's Gardens for the potting soil I like.

I planted the tomatoes in the new pots, and did a companion planting of Nasturtium Alaska Mix.  I like the nasturtium more than marigolds, and they do a good job repeling bugs. 

I decided to give tomato growing a try this year, but knew I'd need to do it on the deck so that the chickens couldn't get to them.  I'm hoping they grow well!

For my summer look on the deck, I also wanted some pretty flowers in pots.  I love red, and I've also done red, white, and blue on the deck the last few years.

So I went with Calliope (large, dark red) Geraniums, Techno Heat (electric blue) Lobelia, Endurascape (white) Verbena.

I made another pot with the same geranium, but did Megacopa (bacopa white), and Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime (sweet potato vine) in it.

After I potted it I placed this pot on the deck railing near the stairs.

Now, I just need to remember to give the a regular drink, if we don't get rain.

We're ready for summer!


  1. This is all so pretty...isn't it restoration for one's soul to plant for the summer? I can't wait to see how the tomatoes turn out! Yum-OH!!!

  2. I love getting Summer pots ready, and watching them fill up as they grow. Your geraniums are very striking.

  3. It’s looking like summer at your place! I haven’t bought any plants yet....depending on my perennials this year. We do have cucumbers in the back garden and a real vegetable garden down at the ranch. Can’t wait to see it! Dean and Sherry are already eating squash and other things from the garden! Somehow gardens seem magical to me!

  4. Your deck garden looks wonderful, , we decided to grow most of our tomatoes in pots this year, since not having good luck in the field.Love the red, white and blue combination. The Christmas Tree Shop has become a favorite of mine.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. beautiful choices, deanna. i especially love white verbena ..
    our bright red geranium is huge - with lots of blooms. ♥

  6. We filled our pots last weekend, too. Finally, we had some sun!!

  7. Beautiful plants! Your tomatoes will be ready to eat before you know it! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!


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