Spray Paint Is Our Friend

I use spray paint for many projects around our cottage home.  

I've spray painted frames, outdoor chairs, a metal table.  Yesterday, I freshened up some outdoor lanterns.

Two were brown, the rest were black that had faded over exposure to the weather.

This was a quick project!  I need to replace the glass in a few lanterns, and pick up some new candles, too! They look good really good and have been given new life due to a can of spray paint!  

This is the paint that I used.

I love a quick project that allows us to keep using items!  It's budget friendly, too, as for the purchase of a $3.99 can of paint, I was able to freshen up five lanterns!  To go out and buy five new lanterns would have cost a quite a lot.  Plus, I have at least half the can left!  Hey!  My outdoor lighting on the house needs to be repainted!

Now to get Tim to take them down for me, and I'm on it!  

Hey, Tim!


  1. Spray paint is awesome and I love the dash of black! Elegant and dramatic. Enjoy the weekend!

  2. I love redeeming things!!! We are all about redemption!!


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