Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Book Review: Fortunes Claimed

Several months ago, Brenda did a review of a book written by a young, self published author.  The book was Fortunes Claimed, by Rose Ellen Taylor.

Miss Taylor contacted me on a referral from Brenda and asked me to read her book and to review it.  I agreed and she sent it to me. The opinions in the review are my own.

It is written in an old fashioned style, and reminded me very much of Grace Livingston Hill or books sold by Lamplighter.  Its not a book that is going to make you surprised at the outcome, but it ends just how you want it to end.

There is a storyline in the book, that must have an interesting backstory and I would have loved to have seen this fleshed out.  Perhaps the author intends it to be its own book!  So for the author I'm going to say, Edward Lawrence, and leave it at that! {grin}

If you'd like to order a copy of the book you could contact the author at

I enjoyed this book, the author's first, and I hope to see her continue to grow as a writer!


  1. How nice that you were offered a book for review. Being a first-time author is impressive. Sometimes, first-time authors need a bit more practice to create a truly compelling book. I know that I need lots more practice that’s for sure. It’s why I quit. Not quitting is the biggest part of the challenge.

  2. Hope the author takes your hint and continues the story! Now you have me curious! :)


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