Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday Five

My Five today is just from daily life this week!

1. Fresh local strawberries and cherries!  The only thing better than our local, fresh, full of flavor strawberries is our locally grown peaches coming in July! Yum!

2. Fresh Eggs!  Our girls are laying well.  It's such a gift.

3. Sweet petite Iris in the cottage garden.

4. Peonies.  They are blooming fast now and with two rainy days, I've been cutting them and bringing them into the house!

5. My boy.  Rare photo of the elusive teen!  He's a terrific young man. My fellow nightowl, this photo was taken late last night while getting ready for bed!

That's a wrap on the week!  I hope you have a joy-filled weekend!

ps - The newlyweds came over last night.  It was fun to hear about their trip, and talk of the wedding.  I am always delighted to see my children happy!


  1. Kyle is so tall! He's gone way by you. ☺️ Cute picture of the two of you. Glad that you were able to visit with the newlyweds. It must have been fun to hear what they had to say about the wedding and their trip. Where did they go?

  2. Thanks for sharing some of the joys in your life this week, these sweet gifts of God's creation . . . from the strawberries to the eggs to the flowers to the moments with your "babies." All joys, all gifts!!

  3. Lovely photos, Deanna, my, how Kyle has grown, where has time gone.
    I never tire of gathering eggs from our hens, always so thankful.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  4. Oh yes fresh fruit and flowers! Great picture of you and your night owl! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

  5. Lovely glimpse of your week, Deanna. The strawberries look yummy. Those eggs will make great cakes or omelets. And I love those smiles of you and your son.

    Happy weekend,
    Brenda xox

  6. HI, I loved seeing your beautiful wedding... it was just gorgeous.. everything about it , all the LOVE there. I am in Northfield , Mn, Jessie James last bank robbery town and home of St Olaf College, and Carleton college. I am a woodsey girl from originally Chicago, for eighteen of my years running our family dental business with mom and dad. then buying our dream, a family resort we ran fifty plus years in ELY. I am a school teacher for students at risk, having worked thirteen years in teh Ely schools for the Mn Chippewa Tribe as their teacher for K-12. My son is legally blind so my classroom was a respite for him too.. to be in a safe place . Northfield is interesting, but am moving west to Albqueruqe NM soon to work with the Navajo Nation and elders and youngsters there. So Life is good, fascinating and yes, I agree. holding the concept of ALL made in God's Image and Likeness. that is my prayer as a prayer warrioress. Blessings and much love to you all. My son here , Erick , also my buddy and friend. One up North in the MINES in Virgaina Mn who is moving to his dream h ome in Pensacola soon now... fifteen minutes from the ocean waves. God is Good. Patience the grace we need. and have. Merri Mc Elderry


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