Friday's Feast


What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries


Who is someone you consider as a great role model? Elisabeth Elliot


If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose? Gettysburg

Main Course:

Name something you do too often. Eat


Fill in the blank: I really like _to decorate__________ because _it allows me to make my home warm and welcoming for family and friends___________.


  1. I really enjoy reading your Friday Feast - Presently I'm reading an Elisabeth Elliot book...On Asking God Why - Reflections on Trusting God. If you haven't already read it you would enjoy these little snipets - they don't take long to read but boy do they make you think. ttyl my friend.

  2. Thanks,
    I will have to check it out.

    Hope you are well, dear!


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