Summer Greetings

We have been enjoying all the local garden bounty lately. Sweet corn, cherries, tomatoes, Yum!
It has been awhile since I have posted, as so much has been going on. First we had company, and now we have launched our oldest child out of the nest. He is sharing an apt. with friends in the city, and looking for work. He is taking a year off from school, as he is not certain what he wants to pursue. He has much to learn and we pray that this will be a profitable time for him. The friends are young, yet mature, and we are confident he is in a good situation, which is a huge answer to prayer.
I have been cleaning his room, and thinking what color to paint the walls, to freshen things up. As a homeschooling family who loves books, we are thinking that his room would make a great library. It would be small, but cozy and a place to corral all our many books. One of our girls would like to make it her bedroom, to be shared with a younger sister, but I think we are leaning toward a library.
We have been enjoying the pool at "Camp Geezer" which is what my dad calls their place. The kids love to go to their grandparents home, and have sleepovers! They kick grandpa out of his room, and they get to sleep in with grandma in the huge king sized bed! Poor grandpa has to sleep in the guest room...
My dear husband's brother, sister in law, and niece have arrived in the area for a few weeks visit. They are missionaries in Senegal, West Africa and are home for meetings. They will spend their time enjoying their daughters who live in the area and visiting supporters. We are excited to see them.
Today we are off to a park gathering with the families of our homeschool co-op, and then to our new fun activity - bowling! I determined that I wanted to spend this summer doing fun things with the kids. We finished our school year early and we actually will start our new school year in a few weeks! We haved had all of May and June off already, and July is nearly over! I just love learning along with my children, and watching them learn new things.
Well friends, I wish you a lovely summer day!


  1. Bowling was fun!
    I, too, am enjoying the fresh veggies and fruit. Picking Blueberries has been the best this year!


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