Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Fair

The fair was a wonderful experience. The girls competed in their classes and while they did not win any ribbons, it was fun for them and for Sandy. She was very well behaved, our pretty mare, and did not act up at all. The day was very long, and late last night she was nervous around the crowds of people, I think just ready to go home.

It was the first time the girls were able to participate like this, and it was valuable experience.

I will try to post pictures later, I need my dad to email some to me. When we got to the fair yesterday, we realized our camera did not have batteries in it, thankfully my parents were there!

Have a lovely Saturday!


  1. Did you see Chelsea? She was there with our neighbors. I haven't gotten to talk with her yet as they decided to have a sleepover and then are running around doing errands this morning.

    I am so glad you were able to do this as a family!


  2. We did see her Becky.

    She got to pet Sandy and talk to the girls.

    It was fun, but a looong day!


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